Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Avail of Housing Loan Program

If you are not yet a Pag-IBIG member, you are are loosing a chance of owning your own house plus other benefits. How?
  1. an individual, specially if employed, is protected by law (RA 7742) to be covered by Pag-IBIG. Employers are mandated to provide a counterpart to match the employees' monthly contribution
  2. Pag-IBIG, as an income generating government owned & controlled corporation, returns a 70% minimum portion of its (net) income back to its members (active & inactive) in form of dividend earnings, pro rated to the member's overall savings.
  3. the Fund will assist the legal beneficiaries, in time of the the member's death, an additional death aid of P6000 (maximum) on top of returning the member's total savings
  4. while active, the member gets to borrow a portion of his/her savings (60%; 70%; 80%, depending on the members' length of membership) during times of need, through the Fund's short-term loan program.
  5. also, whilst active, a member may maximixe his/her privilege by borrowing a material amount to own a lot or a house (whether a purchase, construction of a residential unit, even a renovation, or refinancing of an updated currently mortgaged property).

If you are not yet a member. You may register yourself as a self employed (engaged in business, practicing proffesionals, Job Order (JO) contractors in any government office), or as an overseas filipino worker (landbased, seabased or even immigrants). If one is an employee (local), such cannot register otherwise.

To qualify with Pag-IBIG's Housing Loan program, one must be have at least contributed 24 monthly contributions (2 years)- advance payment accepted.

If you wish to be a member and you are not one yet, or if you wish to reactivate from your previous registration/ contributions remittance, feel free to call me or visit our office at

Marketing & Enforcement Division
Pag-IBIG FUND Davao Branch
G/F Pryce Tower Condo., Pryce Business Park
JPLaurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City
(082) 2228055; 2275827


suGaRACE said...

Hi. Very informative blog... PAGIBIG website is lacking some information. Good thing you have this.

I have several questions. Hope you can answer my questions below:

1] Can husband and wife, both PAGIBIG members, apply for housing loan for a single property (acquisition of lot and contruction of house OR acquisition of lot only)?
Is it advisable?
Would it mean higher loanable amount?

2] What is required income to loan P1.5M?
Is it total family income? or single income?

3] For example, I availed of the in-house financing which only requires 20% downpayment payable in 9months, can I transfer remaining balance to PAGIBIG after paying the 20% downpayment?
If can transfer, what happens to the remaning balance then, do we have to pay another downpayment to PAGIBIG or it will ALL be monthly amortizations?

Thanks in advance.

tagapagibig said...

hey sugarace, thanx 4 appreci8ing. as an ans 2 ur Q,

1] yes, pwede H&W apply ng separ8 or joint HL application. pwede lot purchase muna, l8r na haus construction, pwede rin H&L na. pag H&W, sins joint na mas higher na rin ang entitlement

2] it depends kung 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 yrs 2 pay. sa official website ng Pag-IBIG pwede mo paglaruan ung amount-year 2 determin d estim8d monthly amortization.

3] ung 80% remaining mo pwede ipa-finance, as a general rule- kindly chk na lang sa Pag-IBIG ofis nearest u 2 determin kung acceptable ba sa Pag-IBIG kung saan ka nka 'loan' ngayon. sa Pag-IBIG my loan charges din PhP3000. depende sa appraisal, maaring meron o walang equity- after approval ng loan, magma-monthly ka na

sugarush said...

hi can I ask a question my husband is member like today in Pag-ibig and we hope we can apply for a housing loan as early as march2011...I just wanna ask if we can pay the remaining months of 24contributions so we can apply for a housing loan?

tagapagibig said...


kung magpapa member pa sya for the 1st time, he needs 1 yr residency membership then pay in advance the remaining 1yr (to complete the 2yrs membership. kung merong na syang previous 1yr pwede syang mag 1yr advance anytime soon

Ning said...

Good day po!

Ask ko po sana pano ang process if :

1. Dati akong nag huhulog through my employer ( more than 2 years na po ako naghuhulog dati pero nag stop po 2009 ), but now freelancer na po ako for 2 years and gusto ko na mag individual pay. Tumawag na po ako sa pag ibig para itanong yung process na pag dadaanan ko pero pinapapunta po ako sa office nila, pero malayo po ako sa office nila.

2. Kung maghuhulog na po ako regularly, ilang months po ako dapat na active member para makapag housing loan. Nag aaprove po ba sila ng freelancers?

Thank you po in advance and more power to you! God bless po.

jon said...

sir admin, gud day po, ask lng po ako kc gusto ko po mkavail ng house only loan. ito po ung situation ko.

1. ung lot, owned by my brother.
2. nkapangalan po s kanya ung lot thru arm forces housing loan program
and binabayaran pa po nya.

pwde po ba ako mgavail ng house only loan with these options?

thank you so much po.. and God Bless.

tagapagibig said...

ning, good day. sa current time, all would be members are required to go online. after that you need to reactivate (pay contributions) as self-employed.

you need to pay only at least one month pero dapat tuloy-tuloy na. you need to satisfy the requirements as self-employed, attend one HL saturday seminar or visit our HL division sa Pag-IBIG office nearest you

tagapagibig said...

jon, good day!

sorry to disappoint you pero since naka mortgage pa sa AFP(sabi mo) ang lote, 'di pwedeng gamitin as collateral yan sa Pag-IBIG, meaning, 'di pa talaga pwede.

kung clean title/ fully paid na sa AFP, tsaka pa lang..


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