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FAQs about Pag-IBIG: Membership, Registration, Contributions, Reactivation

In my long years of conducting lectures, a.k.a Fund briefings, I've collected the most FAQs there is on Membership ranging from coverage, registration, contributions, reactivation. I will, at another time, post on issues about the FAQs on Pag-IBIG's Short-Term Loan, Pag-IBIG's Housing Loan, and Acquired Assets. Here goes.

1. Q: How can a member secure a Pag-IBIG number prior to employment?

A: An individual need not go to Pag-IBIG to secure a number, it will automatically be assigned to the member upon posting of initial contribution (whether as employed, self-employed, as individual-payor, as an OFW, or as Pag-IBIG II member).

2. Q: Will Pag-IBIG issue a membership card after the initial registration/ remittance?

A: At the moment issuance of the Pag-IBIG ID is suspended. However, a member may request for a print-out of contributions to confirm registration with Pag-IBIG.

3. Q: How can I be a member?

A: If you are employed, it’s the duty of our employer to collect & remit the required contributions to the Fund. Upon the initial remittance you are automatically a member. If you are a self-employed, individual payor, or an OFW, you may secure the membership papers, accomplish, & make the initial registration-remittance on the nearest Pag-IBIG office.

There are three (3) savings program under Pag-IBIG.

(1) Pag-IBIG I (P1)
-“employee-employer” deduction, self-employed, individual payor, self-paying membership;
- contribution rate from P200 to P950 or over;

- withdrawable upon 20 years (240 monthly contributions), maturity, retirement, disability, insanity, separation from service by reason of health, death, and optional withdrawal at 10 or 15 years of continuous membership; and
- dividend rate of variable percentage per annum.

(2) Pag-IBIG II (P2)
- minimum P500 per month contribution for employed and self-employed individuals;
- withdrawable upon either 5, 10, 15, or 15 years maturity; and
- fixed dividend rate of 7.5% per annum

(3) Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP)
- contribution rate from P200 to P950 or over;

- withdrawable upon either 5, 10, 15, or 15 years maturity; and
- fixed dividend rate of 7.5% per annum

4. Q: What are the (membership) requirements?

A: For employed individuals, it’ll be their respective employers who will be required to submit employment records of its employees.

For self-employed, individual payors, OFWs, any proof of what you say you are (photocopy):
(1) Any valid ID showing picture, name & signature

for Self-Employed, it’s either:
(2) Business permit/ DTI registration certificate (engaged in business); or
(3) SSS Self-Employed registration [RS-1 &/or RS-5]; or
(4) Professional Tax Receipt & PRC card (practicing professionals); or
(5) Land title & Certification from 2 Barangay officials re: source of livelihood (farming); or
(6) Certificate of Commission Basis (if without basic salary).

for Individual Payor, it's either:

(7) Working contract; or
(8) Certificate of Contract & Compensation (job order contractors).

for OFWs, it's either:

(9) Seaman’s book; or
(10) working contract; or
(11) Certificate of Employment & Compensation; or
(12) Passport and Visa (photocopy).

5. Q: I am employed but we only have SSS & PHIC coverage, may I register myself as self-employed or voluntary paying member?

A: No, the Implementing Rules requires that the employer should register you (all employees).

However, it may be temporarily allowed if it is because of housing loan intention. The Membership Unit of Pag-IBIG will accept initial registration, as self-paying, but we will require the employer to register eventually.

6. Q: I work as a job order contractual in (a certain government office) but we not covered by SSS/GSIS, may I register voluntarily?

A: Voluntarily, Yes, as an Individual payor.

7. Q: I’ve been a member for so long but I don’t know my Pag-IBIG number, I wish to request for an ID, what division should I go to?

A: You may visit our Membership Unit at the Marketing & Enforcement Division at the Ground Floor of Pryce Tower for us to provide you a print-out of your contributions where your Pag-IBIG will be reflected. Pag-IBIG ID’s, however, are suspended indefinitely (since 1997).

8. Q: I transferred from one employer to another several times and don’t know my number?

A: You definitely have more than one (1) Pag-IBIG number. It is a result of
- having multiple employment, either simultaneously or at different intervals;
- changing marital status;
- erroneous declaration of employer/s, payroll in-charge, or by the employee.

Visit the Marketing & Enforcement Unit for details. We will advise you on what forms to accomplish to either have it edited, merged or transferred.

9. Q: Can I pay in advance to easily avail of Pag-IBIG Fund’s loan extension programs?

A: For the Housing Loan Program, YES, you may pay the twenty-four (24) monthly contribution requirement or its lacking number of months, to qualify.
For the short term loan, most known to the majority as the Multi-Purpose Loan, NO, there must be an actual (residency) membership contributions of twenty-four (24) months, and most of all, an active member

10. Q: How can I request for a replacement of my old Pag-IBIG ID?

A: It is suspended indefinitely, so we cannot issue you a new one just yet.

11. Q: How long does it take for a member to avail of a loan extended by the Fund?

A: Standard procedure requires twenty-four months or two years contribution, so long as it is updated at the time of loan availment.

12. Q: Can a non-working spouse avail of the housing program of Pag-IBIG?

A: No. Non-working simply means no means of salary or income, a dependent of a ‘working’ spouse, therefore has no capacity to pay. We do, however, encourage Self-Employed membership instead. Requirements? Please refer to Question #4.

13. Q: How frequent can an employer deduct Pag-IBIG contributions to his employee/s?

A: It all depends on the mode of releasing salary/wages, it may be on a weekly mode, semi-monthly (either every 15th and every 30th, or its cut-off equivalent), or monthly.

14. Q: Can household helpers qualify for membership with Pag-IBIG?

A: Yes, their monthly contribution will depend on their monthly salary, for compensation not exceeding P1,500.00, monthly contribution is 1% while employer counterpart is 2%.
So, as an example, if a household helper receives P1,400.00 per month, employee’s contribution is P14.00 and P28.00 as counterpart by the employer. 2% employee contribution commences where salary is P1,501.00 and above, and the employer’s share is at 2%.

15. Q: What is the maximum allowable age for membership with Pag-IBIG?

A: 59 years old.

16. Q: Can an individual who is an OFW register while working abroad?

A: Yes, the Membership Unit of Pag-IBIG will evaluate the required documents submitted by the nearest kin, a Special Power of Authority is not needed. And for as long as the attachment jives with the Member’s Data Form, all signatures affixed and data supplied, an absentee membership applicant may register.

17. Q: How much is the monthly contributions?

A: The minimum contribution amount is P200 per month (combined employee and employer counterpart) while the maximum is unlimited.

18. Q: What if an individual already has a house, is working but mandatorily covered, can he/ she be excused from the coverage?

A: No, the law requires that all employees covered by SSS and GSIS with a monthly compensation P4,000.00 and above is mandatorily covered, thus, should be covered (deducted by the employer and must be registered/ remitted by the same- until separation). The housing program is optional but the savings programs is mandatory.

19. Q: I got a main job, as well as a part-time job, can I enroll myself twice?

A: There is what we call ‘multiple coverage’. Should the compensation under the ‘part-time’ job fall under the mandatory category, the employer is bound to deduct 2% for the employee’s personal contribution and remit the same together with its counterpart, thus, double coverage.

20. Q: My spouse is already a member, we both work, can I excuse myself from being a member?

A: No, if you are mandatorily covered. Besides, it helps to have a separate Pag-IBIG savings ‘account’. You never know when you will need the Fund’s assistance, either through short term or long term.

21. Q: Can a pensioner still apply for membership with Pag-IBIG?

A: No, a pension is not an income. And a prospective member may register only either as (1) Employed, (2) Self-employed, (3) Individual Payor, (4) Overseas Filipino Worker, or (5) reactivating Self-Paying member.

22. Q: Aside from Pag-IBIG office, where can I (Self-Employed; Individual Payor; OFW; Individual Payor) pay my contributions (even loan payments)?

A: Initial registration MUST be made directly at the Pag-IBIG branch nearest you or where you belong. Subsequent remittances or loan repayments may be paid at either any Land Bank of the Phils. (LBP), Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), or United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB).

Posting of payments will definitely be delayed. So, periodic updating/ reconciliation must be made.

23. Q: I was a member when I was still an employee back then until I worked abroad, what will happen to my contributions?

A: Contributions made under Pag-IBIG 1 even if it becomes inactive will still enjoy the benefit of earning dividends yearly. Even if one registers anew under the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program, it is recommended that the Pag-IBIG 1 membership be reactivated as bigger contributions will yield bigger dividend earnings, bigger entitlement when borrowing, and bigger return of investment upon maturity.

There. I hope these issues helped in some way. Should you have any Qs, you may post it here, allow some time for me to A it, as I am not online.


max said...

I was once employed in an NGO. I have confirmed that the company has paid my SSS contribution. How will I ever know if I am also a PAG-IBIG member or not? I believe my company paid my PAG-IBIG contribution also as the law mandates. So, I am now trying to check online whether or not I am really a member.


tagapagibig said...

max so sorry, try posting ur Qs sa shoutbox ko na lang or if u have an email address, we can comm longer.

in response 2 ur Q, please verify:
1st- if ur employer is remitting centralized or decentralized,
2nd- where Pag-IBIG office ur employer might hav had remitted. if it is outside Davao, a coordination with the nearest Pag-IBIG office myt help determine if ur employer indeed remitted. sadly there is no online verification of members' contribution



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